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Correa Alba White
A small shrub to about 1.5 metres in height by a similar width. Leaves are oval shaped, greyish i..
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Grevillea obtusifolia Gingin Gem
Grevillea gin gin gem is currently available from onlineplants. A delightful prostrate shrub with..
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Olea Olive Correggiola
Olea europaea Correggiola is an evergreen tree with greyish foliage and a graceful, billowing app..
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Callistemon Genoa Glory
A colourful, evergreen australian native bottlebrush. A profusion of crimson flowers in spring, a..
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Rosemary officinalis
Evergreen shrub with pale blue flowers in spring and summer. Delightful aromatic foliage can be u..
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Banksia Birthday Candles
Banksia Birthday Candles is a dwarf cultivar that only grows to about 45cm high x 60cm wide and p..
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Melaleuca Laterita, Robin Redbreast
Melaleuca laterita has orange/red bottlebrush type flowers seen mainly during summer. The flowers..
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Mesembryanthemum Pigface Starry Mauve
The Pigface has a compact low growing habit. The leaves are thick, grey/green and triangular. The..
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Epacris Longiflora
Typically a fairly straggly shrub comprising several long, arching branches and is usually less t..
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Kunzea Ericoides
The Kunzea baxteri grows in an erect nature and flowers in Winter to Spring. It generally tends t..
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Banksia marginata, Silver Banksia
A large, native shrub growing to 5mt high and 2.5mt wide. Showy yellow flowers in warmer months a..
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Grevillea lanigera Mini prostrate Bush
Grevillea lanigera is currently available from onlineplants. Height 30cm x Width 1m A compact g..
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Anigozanthos Bush Pearl, Kangaroo Paw
This stunning dwarf Kangaroo Paw grows to 50cm and bears bright pink flowers throughout most of t..
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Banksia Ericifolia Dwarf, Heath Leaved Banksia
A small to medium shrub with narrow, linear leaves. The flower spikes are and usually o..
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Grevillea Copper Crest
An evergreen low spreading groundcover. Copper coloured foliage with pink flowers appearing throu..
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Melaleuca Lanceolata
A dense shrub or small tree growing to about 8m. The bark is rough and hard. Young branchlet..
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Deschampsia caespitosa Turfted Hair Grass
Dark green foliage grass clump. Best grown in cool, moist conditions in part shade. Height to 60c..
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Crowea Exalata
The small Crowea or Waxflower (Crowea exalata) is a native shrub of Victoria, related to the Boro..
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Grevillea Firecracker
Ranging from small shrubs to large trees, grevilleas are evergreen plants, with needle-like to na..
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Grevillea Sea Spray
Grevillea sea spray is currently available from onlineplants. Has interesting soft grey fol..
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Correa Alba Prostrate
Prostrate form of Correa alba. Attractive grey-green foliage and starry white flowers. Grows to a..
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Grevillea Olivacea
Grevillea olivacea is currently available from onlineplants. A tall, spreading shrub that ma..
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Dianella Silver Streak
Silver Streak is a hybrid Dianella that is very well suited for colour contrast. With a height of..
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Casuarina glauca, Shagpile
This is potentially the most useful ground cover you will ever use. This tough plant will cover u..
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Phormium Flax Evening Glow
Delightful, dwarf form of flax with deep pink to red foliage. A tough, low maintenance plant idea..
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