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Banksia Blechnifolia Fern Leaf Banksia
Banksia Blechnifolia Fern Leaf Banksia, a  prostrate plant with branchlets lying on the grou..
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Grevillea Carpet Queen
Prostrate groundcover with beautiful apricot colored flowers in spring and summer. Spreads to 1mt..
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Allocasuarina cunninghamiana, River She-Oak
It is widely acknowledged as an important tree for stabilizing riverbanks and for soil erosion pr..
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Escallonia Pink Pixie
Low growing compact shrub. Excellent for hedges, beautiful rich pink flowers in spring and summer..
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Banksia, Giant Candles
A hybrid of Banksia spiulosa and Banksia ericifolia. It is distinctive for its large orange flowe..
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Erigeron  Seaside Daisy
 This little daisy is well suited for a myriad of uses. Cascade it down a gentle slope or us..
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Grevillea Longistyla Belle
Grevillea longistyla  Belle is a large shrub which is native to south-east Queensland. It ha..
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Clematis Micropyhlla
A woody climbing shrub to about 3m high, often found scrambling over vegetation of rocky outcrops..
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Grevillea Ned Kelly
Grevillea Ned Kelly is currently available from onlineplants.  This is a medium shrub up to ..
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Escallonia Macrantha Rubra Nana
A beautiful small shrub with glossy green foliage and deep pink flowers during spring and summer...
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Phormium Bronze Baby
An easy to grow dwarf flax with copper coloured leaves. Produces tubular, bronze-red flowers in s..
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Agapanthus Sea Spray
Agapanthus Sea Spray is a large growing shrub that flowers (white) prolifically. It has green fol..
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Mesembryanthemum Pigface Pete's Red
The Pigface has a compact low growing habit. The leaves are thick, grey/green and triangular. The..
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Epacris Impressa White
Straggly shrub to 1m high. Pendant tubular flowers, white to pink to deep red. Flowers throughout..
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Kunzea Baxteri
Usually an erect shrub to about 1.5 - 3 metres in height with grey-green, oblong leaves to about ..
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Melaleuca Green Globe
Fast-growing rounded shrub with cream flowers in spring and summer. Prune to maintain shape. Fros..
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Banksia spinulosa, Hill Banksia
An attractive native shrub which grows 2-4mt high and 2-5mt wide. The upright flowers are set amo..
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Grevillea Rosmarinifolia
Grevillea rosmarinifolia is currently available from onlineplants. Grevillea rosmarinifolia is a ..
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Anigozanthos Bush Diamond, Kangaroo Paw
Bush Diamond is the first ‘white’ kangaroo paw. Bush Diamond produces white, medium-sized flowers..
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Banksia Ericifolia Heath leaved banksia
A medium to large shrub with narrow, linear leaves to about 15 mm long reaching 2.5-3mt tall and ..
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Grevillea Clearview David
An erect shrub to 2.5m high. The leaves 1.5-3cm long and .5-2mm broad, narrow linear and sometime..
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Olea Olive Correggiola
Olea europaea Correggiola is an evergreen tree with greyish foliage and a graceful, billowing app..
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Callistemon Genoa Glory
A colourful, evergreen australian native bottlebrush. A profusion of crimson flowers in spring, a..
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Darwinia Grandiflora
Unusual spreading groundcover. Dark red flowers in spring. Suited to well drained soil in part sh..
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Leptospermum Pink Cascade
A terrific prostrate groundcover, with pink flowers during late winter and spring. Very hardy in ..
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