Grevilleas have a mainstay of Australian gardens for decades.  From old favouites like Grevillea rosmarinifolia to new release forms such as Grevillea aprict nectar.  Bird attracting, hardy, long flowering, the positives of planting Grevillea species in your garden are many and varied. 

Onlineplants has an extensiverange of the best forms of Grevillea souced directly from Victorias native nursery growers.

Flowering Season: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring

Appearance: Ranging from small shrubs to large trees, grevilleas are evergreen plants, with needle-like to narrow leaves or ferny pinnate foliage, usually in whorls around the stems. The flowers, which are fragrant in some species, are arranged in three basic forms: spider-like, toothbrush-like, and large brushes. Their flowerheads, which open at varying times, are composed of many small flowers, usually in shades of yellow, orange, or red, with long filamentous styles.

Cultivation: Plant grevilleas in a sunny position with light, gritty, free-draining soil that is low in phosphates. Although drought tolerant once established, they flower more freely and the foliage is healthier for occasional deep watering.   



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Grevillea Crimson Villea
Crimson Villea™ Grevillea is a more compact and dense form when compared to Scarlet Sprite. It ha..
Start from $14.25
Grevillea Mallee Dawn
Evergreen Native Shrub Grevillea Mallee Dawn flowers in spring and autumn with soft apricot flowe..
Start from $14.95
Grevillea New Blood
A low growing groundcover shrub which is useful for underplanting, retaining walls and banks. ..
Start from $13.95
Grevillea New Vintage
Grevillea new vintage is currently available from onlineplants. A small prostrate evergreen ..
Start from $15.35
Grevillea White Knight
Grevillea ‘White Knight’ is a rounded shrub growing to approximately 1 metre high. It has creamy ..
Start from $14.95
Grevillea Billy Bonkers
Grevillea Billy Bonkers is a hybrid grevillea. It is a low growing plant with bright green foliag..
Start from $14.95
Grevillea peaches and cream is currently available from onlineplants. It is a shrub that grows to..
Start from $16.95
Grevillea lanigera lutea
An evergreen spreading shrub with attractive narrow, pointed green leaves. Over a long period ext..
Start from $14.95
Grevillea Ellendale
Spectacular sprawling ground-cover shrub with soft, finely divided foliage and showy clusters of ..
Start from $14.25
Grevillea Pink Midget
Grevillea pink midget is a low spreading dense plant with long narrow lanceolate shaped leaves ab..
Start from $14.95
Grevillea Moonlight
This stunning shrub blooms all year in some climates. A fast grower, its large, moonlight-colored..
Start from $14.95
Grevillea Fairy Floss
Small, suckering shrub with very fine leaves and pale mauve spider cluster flowers. Height to 0.5..
Start from $14.25
Grevillea Red Hooks
Grevillea red hooks is currently available from onlineplants.  It is a shrub that grows to 2..
Start from $13.15
Grevillea John Evans
Small shrub to 1 metre with narrow dark green leaves, new growth is reddish. The flowers are red ..
Start from $14.95
Grevillea Gold Digger
Grevillea Gold Digger is covered in masses of spectacular coppery-orange brush-like flowers that ..
Start from $14.25
Grevillea Strawberries and Cream
Grevillea strawberrys and cream is currently available from onlineplants. A spectacular small tre..
Start from $14.95
Grevillea poorinda Rondeau
Grevillea poorinda Rondeau  A dense shrub form 1-1.3m tall by 1m wide. The leaves are cr..
Start from $14.95
Grevillea Gold Rush
Bright clusters of golden yellow flowers with a distinct red style borne throughout spring and su..
Start from $14.25
Grevillea Strawberry Smoothie
Large attractive creamy pink flowers borne in Winter and Spring. A compact growing Grevillea whic..
Start from $14.95
Grevillea Fanfare
Ground cover 4-5 metres spread with long deeply lobed leaves, the new growth is deep bronze with ..
Start from $14.95
Grevillea Jelly Baby
Grevillea jelly baby is currently available from onlineplants. A small evergreen prostrate shrub ..
Start from $14.25
Grevillea rhyolitica Inferno
Grevillea Inferno is a small to medium shrub and available from onlineplants it grows to about 1...
Start from $15.35
Grevillea poorinda Marian
Grevillea poorinda is a small rounded shrub bearing white tipped red flowers in small clusters fo..
Start from $13.95
Grevillea Jubilee
Grevillea jubilee is currently available from onlineplants. A compact evergreen shrub that produc..
Start from $14.25
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